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Welcome to Scuddy

Please allow us to welcome you to the world of Scuddy! Scuddy is the new freedom three wheels, and is at home wherever you are.


Take a look at the technical innovation, high "Made in Germany" technology and unbeatable driving fun and decide for yourself!

Scuddy Worlds

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Camping and maritime trips

Ideal vacation companion
25 Apr 2016
by bjarne
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Sports and driving fun

25 Apr 2016
by bjarne
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Commuting and urban traffic

Ideal city companion
25 Apr 2016
by bjarne
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Sightseeing and tourism

Attraction with a huge fun factor
25 Apr 2016
by bjarne
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Sitting comfortably

Everyday support
25 Apr 2016
by bjarne
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light and foldable

Using the patented folding mechanism, Scuddy turns into a trolley in seconds that not only permits the easy transport of bags or suitcases, but can also be taken into the bus or train free of charge. If necessary, Scuddy can also easily fold into a water crate format.

powerful and uphill-capable

You can have a fully novel, sporty, dynamic driving experience. Scuddy's powerful 2HP motor (1500W) and top speed of 35 km/h not only provides the thrill of speed, but also has no problems with uphill slopes.
You can find other versions in the shop.

the green fun machine

The energy recovery technology (regeneration) captures the deceleration energy during braking and returns it to the battery. That makes Scuddy not only cost-effective, but ecologically very efficient. A battery charge can range up to 35km and the cost per charge is only about 12 cents. A truly green fun machine!

innovative high-performance battery

The LiFePO4 battery provides the latest technology to give Scuddy a long range. The charging time of one hour* beats all the competition – and still has an expected service life of 40,000km! The removable battery can be charged at any power outlet/power source – even on the vehicle.

* Quick charger (standard charger about 3.5 hours).

fully new driving feeling

The Carving chassis simply has to be experienced. Even a shift in weight alone allows a very direct, dynamic, intuitive driving experience that has no equal. After a brief learning period, nearly anyone can easily master the Scuddy – and now with the stability of a two-track front axle!

City and Sport versions

For the comfortable driver, the City version has a 20 km/h top speed. For the dynamic driver, the Scuddy sport version has a 35km/h top speed and requires the use of a helmet. Both can be used with the basic driving license or a motor scooter driving licence (class M). Other versions such as the 25 km/h motor scooter or the Austrian version are also available!

Scuddy "CITY"
Starting at 4850 €
  • 1000W / 20km/h
  • Road approved + "motor scooter" paths
  • Uphill capability 16km/h at 20%
  • No helmet required
  • Li-Ion battery with 20,7Ah
  • Up to 70km range
  • Dimensions (folded) about 58 x 51 x 41
Scuddy "Ultimate"
Starting at 5250 €
  • 1500W / 45km/h
  • Road approval
  • Uphill capability 22km/h at 20%
  • Helmet required
  • Li-Ion battery with 20,7Ah
  • Up to 50km range
  • Dimensions (folded) about 58 x 51 x 41
Scuddy "LIGHT"

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