Camping and maritime trips

When on holiday on a yacht or with the camper van, Scuddy's high flexibility and compact dimensions make it the perfect extension to your mobility. No matter where – small, svelte and nimble, Scuddy takes you playfully easily and safely through traffic, across the campground and of course around the port – and of course with no noise or exhaust.

Using the patented folding mechanism, Scuddy instantly becomes a trolley and if necessary it can easily even be folded into a water crate format at only 58cm x 51cm x 41cm (L/W/H), and even with the battery and saddle unit Scuddy only weighs 27.5 kg.

The removable LiFePO4 battery with 20,7 h capacity provides the latest technology, including regeneration, to give Scuddy a long range. It can be charged directly on the vehicle or can easily be removed and connected wherever a power socket is available. It needs 7 hours for a complete charge – and with the optional quick charger, just 2 hours!

A special extra feature is the optional 12/24V charger, which makes off-grid charging in the camper van or boat a snap. Wherever you go!

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