Commuting and urban traffic

For commuters, the green scooter is the perfect companion in the city and on the way there. The patented folding mechanism, the many technical details and the optional add-on parts like the bag rack, baskets, smart phone holder, etc. make it possible to adjust Scuddy perfectly to your individual mobility needs.

Errands, shopping and of course just getting from A to B are suddenly quick and easy. No looking for a car park, no warming up the engine, no exhaust fumes, no stink and not having to pop out the side stand when you stop – just a few of the advantages when it comes to Scuddy mobility!

Using the patented folding mechanism, Scuddy also instantly turns into a trolley that can go into the bus or train free of charge. And if needed, it can fold down into water crate format at just 58cm x 51cm x 41cm (L/W/H).

Scuddy is road-approved and its powerful 2HP motor (1500W) and top speed of 45 km/h not only provides the thrill of speed, but also has no problems with uphill slopes (up to 22 km/h on a 20% grade). It's just fun, on the asphalt or uphill. Wherever you go!

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