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Different needs require different designs. That's why Scuddy is available in different versions. The City version with its 20 km/h top speed is designed for city touring and is also permitted on bicycle paths marked for motor scooter use. Only a motor scooter test certification is required (if you were born before 1964, not even that is needed). Wearing a helmet is not legally required – however, we do recommend its use for your safety.

For the dynamic driver, Scuddy is available in the Sport version with a 45 km/h top speed and a helmet requirement (in Germany). Anyone can use it with a basic driving licence or the Class M licence (motor scooter, 16 years and up).

Scuddy is the perfect mobility aid for people with conditional restrictions. If you are capable of rolling downhill on a bicycle (without pedalling) and stopping, scuddy is perfect for you! Wherever you go!

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