Scuddy technology

A whole series of special features and technical innovations set Scuddy apart from other electric scooters, giving it its individual appearance and the unique driving feeling on three wheels. From the battery to the drive – and from the steering to the brakes:

Nearly every central component of the genius e-scooter was developed, designed and programmed by the Scuddy team. Years of development work have integrated every element perfectly into the Scuddy design and tuned them to their tasks. The use of the latest in components, along with design and fabrication "Made in Germany", guarantee a mature product and undiluted, green driving fun.

The innovative Carving chassis with its specially developed axle is very easy and intuitive to handle – so the Scuddy and its driver quickly become a single unit. An absolutely unique, free driving feeling that you simply have to experience to understand.

The components of the Scuddy drive make it a real power package: High performance LiFePO4 batteries and its strong 1500W motor (1000W City version, 600W AT version) ensure all the power reserves you need for any situation. "We developed this drive ourselves with extremely high expectations, but even we were surprised from the first tests on how much power it actually has!" A range of up to 70 or 60km (City/Sport), maximum 45 km/h, steeper slopes, additional loads:

None of it a problem for Scuddy – from the first kilometre to the last.

A particularly noteworthy feature is the patented folding mechanism that makes it possible to turn Scuddy instantly into a practical transport trolley. That means the scooter can easily be transported by bus or train free of charge, and it even provides additional space for more luggage.

Small but important details like the world's first e-approved LED light, or the chip key lock, truly make Scuddy ready for any situation.

Despite its many features, Scuddy is still small, light and transportable without problems. With the rear axle and steering column folded in, it even shrinks down to the size of a water crate. At a total weight of just 27.5kg, Scuddy is even lighter than all its competition.

The energy recovery technology (regeneration), the "zero emission mobility concept" (no local emissions!), the removable battery and the low costs of a battery charge (about 24 cents) round out the concept and make Scuddy an absolutely environmentally friendly extension to individual mobility.

  • Patented folding mechanism

  • Use as transport trolley

  • Free of charge in bus or train

  • Space for additional luggage

  • Light, transportable (27.5kg)

  • Folds down to water crate format
  • e-approved LED light
  • RFID chip key
  • Energy recovery technology
  • Quick-charge technology
  • Removable battery (5.9kg, different colours)
  • About 12 cents for a battery charge
  • Carving chassis
  • Horn
  • Bluetooth
  • RFID chip key (key chain/adhesive sticker)
  • KLICKfix smart phone holder
  • High-security folding lock (ABUS)
  • Quick charger (about 1 hour)
  • KLICKfix basket (on steering column)
  • Folding mirror
  • Leather handles
  • Additional dampers
  • Front: hydraulic disc brakes
  • Brake disc diameter: 110mm
  • Back: mechanical drum brakes
  • Parking brake
  • Brake light
  • Generator brake / regeneration (energy recovery)
  • Redevelopment of central parts
  • 3D computer simulated
  • Custom software
  • Mature end product
  • Latest components
  • Modern design

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